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Name:Sean Crafts
Title:Chief Customer Officer
Address:2211 Michelson Suite 545
Country:United States of America
Phone No:949-336-7608
Cell No:
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Sean Crafts
Sean Crafts, Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Mavenlink

Sean Crafts

Founder & Chief Customer Officer at Mavenlink

Sean Crafts is the Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Mavenlink. Mavenlink is a cloud-based project management system where you can share files, send messages, assign tasks, track time & expenses, manage budgets, and invoice your clients in one place. Run your business online. 

Mavenlink is also the top-installed application across all categories in the Google Apps Marketplace. Mavenlink dramatically improves productivity, reduces management overhead, and increases profits. Mavenlink is also easy to implement and use, characteristics that are imperative for international, intercompany adoption.

To learn more or sign up for your Free 30-day trial, visit Mavenlink at
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